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The IntensiFIT 8 Week Transformation Challenge is available to both our members & non-members.
It will be taking place on Sunday 20th October between 9:30am and 11pm from the gym, ending on the 15th December, when we will take the next lot of results.
What does it entail?
  • Analysing your body composition, taking readings of your body fat percentage, visceral fat, muscle mass, bone mass and a number of other body statistics.
  • Taking before photos (Optional)
  • Providing you with a nutrition plan (usually £50) aimed at your correct calorie intake and macro nutrient break down.
  • 8 weeks later we will be re-taking the measurements and photos and a winner will be announced.
If you’re currently a member training at IntensiFIT it is free to enter our competition. If you’re not a member its a £40 to enter, which includes everything above.
If you want to take part just let us know and we will get you signed up.