Our founders at IntensiFIT have dedicated over 15 years to their own practice in order to develop the methods we use in our Personal Training programmes. 


We have 10 years of Personal Training experience and research for which our ‘Before & After’ pictures speak for themselves. Getting consistent results with individuals can only really mean one thing…we know what we are doing. 


Personal Training should be exactly what it says on the tin “Personal”. You are an individual and we intend to treat you like one. Our Personal Training Programmes are completely tailored to you, your physique goals, lifestyle and mental state. Your nutritional guidance is tailored in exactly the same way. This is about giving you the very best practices, information and support to drive you towards a goal you have. But all done within your lifestyle. 


All we ask is that you fully commit to our methods. We can guarantee you results. As long as you are willing to completely trust us and follow our protocols for getting them. 

Our success as a brand comes in a form of seeing people change their lives, being more confident in themselves, grow in mental strength and thrive in our positive environment. This is why we do what we do. This is what makes us tick. And this is what makes us a cut above the rest. Our mission is to help people. And that is exactly what we do.


If you are interested in our Personal Training Programmes then please get in touch. We have a fantastic team in which we have a wide variety of strengths to support any type of client.